The Characteristics of a Good E-commerce Platform

Online shopping facilitates stores to set up an online store without all of the complexities of establishing an independent site. As a result, one e-commerce platform can host hundreds of vendors with unfathomably diverse items. It sounds good for a buyer, but many options can be confusing too.

There are many e-commerce platforms these days, and each has their unique features and advantages. Choosing the right will require you to have a basic pre-thoughts before you jump directly on the web and scrutinizing the platforms one by one. Read through this article, and you will learn what the general traits are for you to look.

Utilizing general payment service

online dealThe first and the most critical trait on which you should carefully look is how you are going to do the check-out with your preferred items. If you buy an item from abroad, does the payment give you a feasible option? Do they accept common payment platforms, like PayPal? These are the questions that you should be asking yourself before dedicating your time to browse the e-commerce further.

A user-friendly e-commerce platform will accept one of these payment methods:

  • Bank to bank transfer
    For a cross-currencies payment, you need to calculate the conversion rate and cost thoroughly, because they can catch you by surprise.
  • Credit Card
    Paying using a credit card is the most feasible and reasonable method. Everyone can use it, and everyone understands how it is. But be careful with which credit card network is acceptable. Most of the time, the option is either the VISA or Master Card credit card. And when there is a suggested credit card network on the e-commerce platform, commonly you will get charged extra if you use a different card.
  • ATM transfer
    This payment method is most likely available only for domestic purchase. And some people might consider this method is the easiest to do because there is no risk of mistyping, and complicated inquiries or data input, like the ones in internet banking.
  • Online Payment Platforms
    Using PayPal can save you a lot of problems. The platform uses Dollars as its currency and is the safest place to do online transactions these days.

Responsive customer care

Customer CareAn e-commerce platform with good faith in their customers will provide accessible and active customer care. Try to use it and see if they can treat you appropriately. Do not overlook this step because once the item is shipped, the only person you can rely on, whenever you have an inquiry on the item, is the agent at the customer care.

Always prepare for the worst. And active customer-care means that you will be less likely to be ignored when you have issues with the purchased item.

Multiple communication channels

Branching Social MediaThere are many ways for an e-commerce platform to present themselves online. Instagram focuses on visual representation and Twitter on the textual.

Knowing that a platform has many accounts on different social media ensures the fact that your complaints can be public just in case there is a mishap. Avoid e-commerce platform that seems to be closing themselves from customer’s reach.